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Professor Frederick Roland George Heaf

Rudolf Hief'
Rudolf Hief

In 1881 Rudolf Hief came to England. In 1916 his 22 year old son Frederick, on the advice of a colleague changed his name to something a little more English. He chose Heaf! This began something of a minor dynasty to which the family is proud to be connected. The achievements of Frederick and subsequent members of the family have strengthened this feeling.

If you have the family name HEAF or are related to somebody who does and would like to record your skills and interests or learn about other family members and their progress, please feel that this is your home. Please keep in contact and exchange news. If you have a web page that you would like to have linked to this then let us know. We would like to include on the site news, photographs and links.

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Families linked are among others
Beavon; Denison; Cartledge; Snow; Walters; Ferrieux; Arnaud; Fish; Preston; Marshall; McChristal;
Morgan; Cheney; Mohede; Hartmann; Nielsenn; Hall; Dakin; Williams; Mladek; Kinmouth;
And maybe more to follow.

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